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Intrinsic Realty is a real estate investment company operating primarily in the Pittsburgh, PA residential market. Our management team has combined backgrounds in real estate, project finance, asset management, and analytics. Through our network of lending partners, investors, and skilled tradespeople – we take great pride in creating quality, beautiful homes in neighborhoods across the vibrant Steel City.

Adding value through lasting partnerships

In our line of work, we have the opportunity to collaborate with many parties – homeowners, wholesalers, contractors, renters, lenders, and investors. In each and every interaction, we aim to bring value to everyone and create lasting partnerships.

We have a standard that we would live in every project we complete work on. In order to be a success – it needs to have quality finishes, it needs to be comfortable. It’s not just a house, it feels like home.

What we do


We both buy homes off-market directly from homeowners or wholesalers as well as on-market listings that meet our investment return criteria. We are currently focused on single family homes in the Pittsburgh metro.


Our teams of skilled tradespeople get right to work with necessary demolition, clean out, and then the fun begins – bringing new life to the home with a complete top-to-bottom renovation.


Next we market and rent our properties to well-qualified tenants and make sure they have everything they need to comfortably enjoy their new home.


After adding value through renovation, and stabilizing returns by placing tenants, we then leverage our network of lenders to extract our initial investments from the project.


Finally – we wind up doing it all over again! This dynamic approach enables strategic deployment of capital to ensure long-term cash flow.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Laun Silk

Andrew Silk

Home Owners

If you’re interested in selling your house, and it matches our investment criteria – we will make you an all cash offer. No need to deal with repairs, open houses, and complex closing process.


If you’re an experienced, ethical wholesaler with quality deals under contract – we often buy off-market and love win/win partnerships. Let us be your end buyer.


Quality materials and expert tradespeople are the cornerstone of creating beautiful homes. Please get in touch, so we can add you to our vendor list and consider your team for our upcoming projects.


Looking for a way to do well while also doing good? Reach out to discuss partnering with us in revitalizing homes all across Steel City.

Work together. Win together.

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